Welcome to Nightingale Club

For the use of our hospitality, there is an admission fee of €15.00, which includes your first drink. While you enjoy your drink, you are surrounded by beautiful Nightingales. Would you like to use one of our services with a Nightingale lady? Then you can withdraw yourself with her and enjoy one of our luxurious rooms. This should be reported to the hostess and settled with her prior to the service.

Would you like to spend more time with your Nightingale? That is also possible! With the use of our internal telephone, you can request for a time extension or reorder some drinks. After your time with the lady, you are welcome to enjoy a beverage in our lounge. Would you like more information about celebrating a private party or are you looking for a hotel nearby?
Please contact us by sending an email to info@nightingaleeindhoven.nl.
Experience a wonderful tantric massage

Enjoy a massage over your entire body by the soft and slow touches of a sensual Nightingale? That is possible with us! A tantric massage is more than a normal erotic massage. By proper contact with the body you enjoy more sexual pleasure and feel very relaxed. It is an experience you will never forget! Do you want this pleasant tantric massage - for example - before an important meeting or just for relaxation? You can book a tantric massage by appointment. For information, please call at +31 40 - 2432 444.