We offer various services. First, we start with the company of beautiful women, which ranges from romantic and passionate to something naughtier. Our Nightingales offer the girlfriend experience, so if you have a special request or a fantasy, you can notify this during reservation and we will do our best to match you with the right Nightingale.
In addition to the intimate and erotic services, we also offer other services to make it a lifetime experience. You have to think about the selection of a good restaurant or hotel, but also something with an entertainment character, which you can discuss during the booking while keeping in mind that "the sky is the limit".

Bed & Breakfast

Waking up in the arms of a beautiful Nightingale, after enjoying a romantic evening and an intimate night. The bed and breakfast dating is an experience where you will have real quality time with each other and where you reminisce your excellent time together during breakfast. 

Couples Intimacy

The Couples Intimacy date is an exclusive experience for a couple who wants to try out a threesome with a sensual Nightingale. First, you will learn to know each other while enjoying a drink, then you and your partner will experience a lifetime experience. "

Ménage à Trois

Perhaps the greatest fantasy of men is to be seduced by two Nightingales simultaneously. A Ménage à Trois will meet all your needs, as there are two pairs of eyes, hands, lips and more .... 

Wine & Dine

A dinner date, you learn to know each other during an intimate dinner while enjoying a glass of wine. Such a romantic date can be arranged by us in one of the many good restaurants to be found in our cities. Thereafter, the date may continue in your hotel room or apartment.