Many women have once fantasized about what it would be like to work as an escort. Not only the high earnings are an important reason but also the thrill and excitement that you are going to experience. Escort Ladies of all ages - including the difference in quality - have always been there. We strive for the highest quality! For us, a Nightingale is the ultimate companion: a beautiful and well-educated lady with excellent communication skills. She is charismatic and able to seduce, inspire and even teach people about love, lust and life.

As a Nightingale - besides sharing intimate moments - you will meet interesting and worldly gentlemen. You have incentive conversations, will enjoy luxury and first class hotels and excellent restaurants. You will experience adventurous impressions which will enrich your life and will forever remain a lifetime experience.
Working as Nightingale Escort
We are always interested in meeting new women who have the qualities that are required to entertain our customers and who complement and enrich our team. If you are interested in working with us, please read the criteria below. Please note that we only work with ladies who have a Dutch nationality or the nationality of an EU Member State.


  • You have a charming personality and easy going character.
  • You are well educated and well mannered.
  • You know what is going on in the world.
  • You are fluent in English and can easily converse on many levels on various topics.
  • You know how to behave yourself elegantly in any social situation.
  • You are pleasant to work with, you are punctual, reliable, discreet and responsible.
  • You're strong, independent and self-confident without arrogance.  


  • You have a healthy lifestyle, eat well and sport regularly.
  • You're not dependent on drugs or alcohol.
  • You're a devoted student or a career woman.
  • You are outgoing and you like meeting new people.
  • You are independent and make your own decisions.