High Class Escort Eindhoven

Looking for a job as a High Class Escort in Eindhoven? A High Class Escort is more than a "normal" escort lady. Read about the possibilities below and apply for a job at Nightingale Eindhoven today.

Werken als een High Class Escort in Eindhoven of omgeving, kom solliciteren als een High Class Escort bij Nightingale Eindhoven

High Class Escort 

Club Nightingale has been a household for years in the south of the Netherlands. Many say it is the only real gentleman's club in the Netherlands. Many business people appreciate the class and luxury within the club enormously. With the growth of international companies in the Eindhoven region, we were increasingly asked whether we wanted to offer the same exclusive services outside of the club. As we stand for luxury, we have chosen to set up a High Class Escort Service from Eindhoven with the Courtesan as an example. The ladies represent the same luxury and class as in the club. They are highly educated, beautiful, sexy and open minded. They will do everything possible to give you a lifetime experience. We are very selective in hiring ladies; in daily life, they are students and business women. The High Class Escort is operated from Eindhoven, but thanks to the international character of the region, has connections all over the world.

Nightingale Escort services

The services you can expect from our High Class Escort ladies are very diverse. If there are any doubts and / or uncertainties, please send us a request at any time. The services are there from 3 hours, for rates we refer you to the escort rates. To give you a small indication of what services you can use, please find below a small summary:

  • Dinerdate
Do you have a business diner and you would like to be in charming company. Then a dinner date is a good choice, our ladies are used to staying in high end companionship. Because the ladies are all highly educated they will also be able to easily participate in the conversations. With this companion on your side, you will enforce respect from your table companions, both in terms of appearance and conversation skills. After that, you can have another drink together at a local occasion. The dinner date shall be completed with a real exciting experience at the hotel where you stay or at another location of your choice.

  • Girl Friend Experience 
The choice for a High Class Escort from us also means that you will always experience a girl friend experience (GFE), that is, our ladies really kiss!

  • International bookings
The fact that we are in Eindhoven with our office does not mean that we do not offer high class escort services outside of Eindhoven. On the contrary, we even work worldwide. For example, if you are traveling abroad for a short business trip, you can also call our services, our ladies are multilingual and travel with you or come to your destination on their own. 

  • Menage à Trois
Perhaps the ultimate wish of many men,  is to be seduced by two Nightingales at the same time. Your fantasy becomes reality, of course two ladies also means 2 pairs of hands, 2 mouths, 2 pairs of breasts and 2 tongues. You will never forget this experience.

High Class Escort Eindhoven, kom solliciteren als een High Class Escort bij Nightingale Eindhoven

High Class Escort experiences

From the gifts our ladies receive and the redeployment shows that our customers are very satisfied. Regularly, the customer makes an effort to write a thank you note or a review. Below are some reviews;

From the moment I got to know Chantal, everything felt good and we had a laugh while eating. Thanks to her, the business visit to the Netherlands became one of my most beautiful experiences abroad. " "Some dreams never seemed to come true until I met Jill! What a wonderful woman, I’m very pleased with her, but also with the management that arranged everything into detail.

Curious about more stories?

Also on our website we have many stories from the life of a Nightingale Escort. An exciting story from a beautiful lady's diary, or are you curious about more information? Then read all blogs on the page.. 

Work as a High Class Escort in Eindhoven and surroundings

We are always looking for lovely ladies who want to work as a High Class Escort Eindhoven. So, are you a sensual person and do you have both the beauty and the brains and do you know how to entertain and seduce a man? Then look at casting for the requirements that are made to work with us. Or click the button below to apply for the same application.