Eindhoven Private Club

Do you want to work at a private club in Eindhoven or rather work an exciting job as a High Class Escort? Read further for more information about Nightingale's most luxurious nightclub in Eindhoven.

Luxury escort agency Nightingale Eindhoven

Nightingale has a beautiful nightclub in the center of Eindhoven and is run by its owner. It is a beautiful property, located at Wal no. 11. It has a laid back atmosphere with a bar, dance floor and various rooms where the customer can retreat with one of the Nightingale ladies. When the customer enters, he pays entrance fee (€ 15,00 including a delicious drink) and is warmly welcomed by a friendly hostess. With a drink at the bar, the customer can chat with the ladies who walk around and can choose a lady for quality time for two. It is of course also possible for a customer to just have a chat with the ladies at the bar.

privat nightclub Eindhoven with beautifull high class escorts

Private escort Eindhoven

If the customer cannot come to the nightclub in Eindhoven then the High Class Escortservice is the ideal solution. The customer receives the same services as at the nightclub, so no distinction is made, only in another location. It is the ultimate quality time from the first to the last moment. The services can be booked online via the booking form. There are already a number of ladies working at Nightingale Eindhoven, curious? Check out all the ladies at the bottom of the page.

Become a High Class Escort

You're not just an escort, but a High Class Escort with the looks and the brains. There are many high-quality customers such as lawyers and entrepreneurs. You must be able to conduct a conversation with the customer and know what's going on in the world. You will get in touch with interesting men and you will be having fun excursions. For example, a businessman travels to London and would like to use the international booking. Also, the Nightingale Escorts get fun gifts and eat in the most upscale restaurants or just in a cozy little restaurant. After dinner you join the customer to a hotel room or to his home to have sex there. There is a lot of paid for a service, so expectations are high and therefore you not simply become a High Class Escort.

Further requirements

In order to do this, you need to give something. You have a college or university education or you are a career woman looking for excitement besides your boring office job. The age is between 21 and 45 years and it is important that you take care of yourself. An addiction to alcohol or drugs is not desired at Nightingale, but a healthy lifestyle is, so keep eating healthy and keep working on your body by exercising. Furthermore, you know how to behave in any situation, you are independent and reliable. And – of course – you are sensual and know how to spoil someone in mental and physical fields.

privat club eindhoven

Work in a private club in Eindhoven or as a High Class Escort

Nightingale Eindhoven is always looking for beautiful ladies who want to work in Eindhoven's most luxurious nightclub and/or as a High Class Escort. So you want to get more out of life and you enjoy exciting adventures? First, look at the requirements that are made to work at Nightingale or maybe you already have experience in this matter? Then press the application button right away.