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You probably thought about how it would be to become an escort. Working as an escort is not only for the high earnings, but also for the excitement and passion you have for this profession. 

What are the main reasons for escorting?

Many women have wondered: "To become an escort, how will that be?". Besides the fact that there are very high earnings, the excitement you will experience is very important. First of all, you must know that there are different types of escorts. You have the standard escort, the High Class Escort and the Courtesan. The standard escort is often asked for regular sex, no intimacy, no interest or romance. You come to satisfy a sexual need. Special requests that are passed on to the booking, such as anal sex, will be charged. The merits are fun, but not very shocking, therefore you can better become a High Class Escort.

The High Class Escort focuses not only on the physical aspect but also on the mental. She levels very fast with the client and ensures that a perfect atmosphere is created for a first date. This is also called a Girlfriend Experience (GFE). In fact, you first meet each other outside of the bedroom, you first get to know each other, after which the romantic and sensual tension goes to a peak. Suitable are the dinner dates for dining out with your client and afterwards you go to a hotel where you have amazing sex together. You both must have fun and what an ordinary escort will not do quickly, kiss (tongue) with a client, so do High Class Escorts. What also can happen, is that you are being asked for a business trip or a mini-vacation. This only happens if you like each other. The rate is calculated by the time spend toghether, there is no additional service, it is an all-in package. The primary importance is that you are both having fun. The earnings for you can be very high.

The courtesan is a more exclusive High Class Escort and brings everything to a higher level. You are able to build a deeper, deeper spiritual relationship with your client. You are a charming lady who easily asserts herself in company, but also - if asked - stays in the background. You are of all social levels, intelligent and able to bring everything to a next level, both in company and in eroticism. You are therefore highly trained, class drips from it, confident and inwardly more beautiful than on the outside, regardless of your beautiful female appearance. If you choose to be escorted as a High Class Escort or courtesan you are assured of high merits, candy trips, luxury presents and luxury restaurants. But also of exciting adventures and meeting interesting people with various cultural backgrounds.

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Why work for our office?

Our clients expect at least a High Class Escort, our ladies are a bit in the middle of a High Class Escort and a Courtesan. During the application process we will check if you have the right qualities:

  • A charming personality and a compassionate character well educated
  • You know what's going on in the world
  • Elegant, independent, strong and self-conscious
  • Punctual, Responsible, Discreet and Reliable
  • No tall talk

Of course, we will look at your appearance, your beauty and charisma, it must meet:

  • You look youthful
  • You are between 21 and 45 years old
  • You take care of yourself
  • You are sensual

Your lifestyle is also very important, do you recognize yourself below?

  • A healthy lifestyle, you eat healthy and sport regularly
  • No addiction like alcohol and / or drugs
  • You are a dedicated student or career woman

Most ladies have no or hardly any experience as a High Class Escort, so you also get a training. We will tell you in detail what you need to know and how to behave. Of course, you can use the experiences of your colleagues. We are also the first contact point of the clients and possibly provide your transport. Through marketing, we ensure that you have a regular assignment, you determine your availability yourself.

What is the most important thing to know as a High Class Escort? Never do anything against your will, it should also be an experience that makes you feel comfortable and where you look back on with joy. Be clear what you want and especially what you do not want, it's always an equivalent encounter, so tell your client what you like.

An High Class Escort at Nightingale Eindhoven

Discretion Escort

Over the years, we have built an excellent reputation in terms of discretion, service and the values ​​and standards we use. That discretion also applies to you, of course, all information you share with us we handle with the greatest confidentiality, unnecessary to mention that we expect the same from you. Do you have the right qualities to become a High Class Escort?

Do you want to become an Escort? Click on the button below to fill in the application form and who knows you will soon be our new colleague!